Plan an amazing magical birthday party starring your child.

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"Literally our best birthday yet."
—Edie R., Evanston

"By far the best magic show I have ever seen."
—Beth P., Chicago

"The best magician ever! We loved the show and so did our guests!"
—Maggie M., Park Ridge

Chicago's best birthday party entertainer is magician Scott Green, who parents like you have made #1 on Yelp with unanimous 5-star reviews.

Why is Scott's show such a great fit for your party?


Your child co-stars...

"Scott made the birthday boy feel special... and made my son's 6th birthday, in his words, the best birthday party ever."
—Eileen S., Park Ridge

"My daughter can be shy... to our surprise, Scott had her involved in the show and laughing all along!"
—Katie M., Chicago a hysterical magic show...

"Kids were literally rolling on the floor laughing."
—Jason D., Chicago

"I have never seen my boy laugh so hard."
—Maria E., Chicago


...suitable for children of any age...

"To entertain 40 kids—ages 6 months to 16 years—for 45 minutes is no small feat!"
—Tahreem B., Palatine

"The show was age appropriate and the tricks were perfect."
—Jamie W., Chicago

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...that adults love, too...

"The parents were universally in stitches. It was fantastic."
—Andrew D., Chicago

"Scott had the adults laughing as hard as the kids!"
—Katie M., Highland Park


...performed by a reliable professional...

"Extremely professional, very clear about setting expectations with us in advance, and highly communicative through email and phone. I wasn't worried one bit leading up to the party."
—Mary Ellen S., Chicago

"Professional, easy to work with, and delivered as advertised."
—Danny W., Chicago


...who keeps the children behaved and under control.

"It's not easy to keep the attention of  a dozen 9 year olds, but Scott had them laughing the entire time."
—David O., Aurora

"Elementary school-aged boys can be a handful, especially in large groups, but Scott managed them perfectly!"
—Melanie A., Frankfort

Here's how to make this show part of your child's birthday party:

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Including adults and children

A former attorney, Scott Green is a full-time family magician who performs hundreds of shows a year. He's also the author of a best-selling book for magicians, a regular on Chicago TV and a sought-after speaker at magicians' conferences.

Scott and his wife live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with their two young children, who love watching Daddy's shows.