Chicago's Best Birthday Magician

Hi, I'm Scott Green. There's a big difference between a good magician and a bad one - and you're looking at Chicago's best.


1. Your child is my focus. He or she stars in the show and I make small adjustments during my performance to make sure your child is having the best time of anybody.

2. Your show is targeted to the age of the children. Young children need sillier magic and simple plots they can easily follow. Older children need strong magic and to feel they're being treated like adults. I'll take care of doing the exact right show for your group.

3. Adults have as much fun as children. My Yelp Reviews (#1 in Chicago!) all attest to this.

4. I'm a national award-winning comedy writer. Other magicians buy a trick from the magic store and perform it the same as everyone else. I create my own effects and write my own scripts - as a national award-winning comedy writer, 

I make sure all your guests - children and adults - have a great time. Everybody laughs, everybody participates, and nobody can believe their eyes.

Your child stars in the show. Depending on age and show package, this means performing a trick or two, raking in applause and cheers, and maybe even floating in midair.

No "kid tricks" in my show. Only incredible, original magic presented by me, a national award-winning comedy writer. That means every minute is fun - fun for you, fun for your guests, and fun for me, too.

Get started now. Dates book fast. Call me directly at (847) 361-0924; e-mail me at; or fill out the form below and I'll be in touch, often within minutes.

Rates start at $295. 

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For ages 4-5: the children have a blast with lots of extra-silly humor and interaction.

For ages 6-9: I stay a step ahead of the kids, anticipating their every thought to keep them laughing and engaged

For ages 10 and up: brain-busting magic fools 'em badly in this show that feels subversive but is actually clean and family friendly

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How to choose your show:

If your audience is mainly preschool age, choose The Short Show.

If your audience is mainly 10 and older, choose The Big Show.

For all-ages groups, or if your audience is mainly ages 6-9, choose either The Birthday Show or The Better-Than-TV Show.


For ages 4-5


You've never seen children laugh harder. Everyone participates throughout this extra-silly show, and the birthday child becomes the star of the show, performing a magic trick.

Children howl with laughter -for real, you've never seen them laugh harder in their lives. This extra-silly magic show features tricks selected for their ability to engage every single child. The birthday child becomes the star of the show, performing a magic trick. Even shy kids can't wait to get "on stage" and help.
$295 (30 minutes)

For ages 6-9


A hysterical show that stars your birthday child and features nonstop audience interaction. See some of my favorite original magic that have made me a sought-after lecturer at magicians' conferences, like Not-A-Snake and the Mustache Ropes.
$295 (40 minutes)

For ages 6-9


This is my #1 show. Your child will be suspended in midair and receive an incredible keepsake prop from the show. As funny and interactive as my other shows, The Better-Than-TV Show features all original magic you can't get from other magicians, much of it material I've performed on television.
$495 (45 minutes)

For ages 10 and up

THE BIG SHOW (45 minutes)

This show has a hysterical, aggressive edge and incredibly strong magic. Not only won't the kids know how it's done, they won't even have a wrong guess. The show feels subversive, even though it's clean and family friendly. The birthday child stars in the incredible bicycle trick and the perilous egg trick.
$495 (45 minutes)

*Rates valid for up to 25 children and 25 adults, for shows performed within five miles of Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood. Rates, shows and availability subject to change without notice.