A nationally renowned birthday party magician... right here in Chicago


Looking for the best birthday party magic show in Chicago? Hey, you've found one of the best in the world. Scott Green is a Chicago-based magician who performs hundreds of shows a year, appears regularly on television and teaches his peers at magicians' conventions. Magicians around the world have bought performance rights for Scott's original effects.

Scott's birthday party magic show is amazing, interactive, hilarious, and as much fun for adults as for children. (Yes, really!) And your child becomes the star of the show. You won't believe the smiles when he or she performs magic all by themselves.

See for yourself. You wouldn't hire a band without hearing some music—don't hire a magician without seeing some magic. Because all shows are customized based on the age range of the children, you can see a sample of what you can expect at your child's party.


"Tricky the Rabbit," for ages 3-6

"Not A Snake," for ages 7-9

"The Impossible Bicycle," for ages 10+

"Steal This Umbrella," for mixed-age groups

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