Hi! I'm so glad you've chosen me to perform at your upcoming event.

Please only fill in this form if directed to do so by me. (If I have not directed you here, please fill out my initial contact form by clicking here.) Please try to answer each question as accurately as possible, but there's no need to fret about any one answer. (For example, it doesn't matter if you say you expect 16 children but 22 show up the day of the event. It would matter if you say 16 and we get 42.) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call me or e-mail me (847) 361-0924; scott@thegreatscott.com).

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"Billy is turning 7"
"Billy's sister Susie is 4, and his brother Danny is two months"
"I'm Billy's dad; I'll be his only parent at the event." "Billy's Mom, Diane, stepdad, Phil, and Dad, Gary will be at his party." It's not strictly essential for me to know the parents of the birthday child or the family dynamics, but it can help avoid awkward moments. For example, I like to send the birthday child to pull coins from each parent's nose.
"They'll all be in first grade; They'll mostly be 3-6 years old; They'll all be in junior high"