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For All Ages

My most popular show - the one in which a child levitates!

In The Comedy and Illusion Magic Show, the audience becomes the star. All in attendance participate in creating magic - by rescuing a (stuffed) monkey, testing the hot new magic words for this year, and plucking coins from their noses. In the grand finale, a volunteer (at birthday parties, this is the guest of honor*) hovers three feet in the air.

And all along, the children howl with laughter in a show packed with plenty of (appropriate) genuine laughs from the adults as well. It's a complete, entertaining package - the Comedy and Illusion Magic Show is what a family magic show should be, and not like any you've seen before.

This show is the most popular choice for birthday parties, libraries, festivals, Park District events, Blue and Gold dinners. It plays as big in a living room as at an outdoor festival for hundreds. (45 minutes)

*At birthday parties, the birthday child really becomes the star of the show. In addition to floating, he or she is also invited to turn a shredded mess of paper into a wizard's hat and lead the children in producing coins from their noses.

For Pre-K Children And Their Families

The perfect engaging, entertaining experience for the pre-K crowd (and their siblings and parents). The plots are simple enough for young minds to understand easily, but the laughs and participation are huge. Children are empowered to engage their imaginations in creating magic - sometimes after the magician has failed!

With a ton of silly humor - including (appropriate) multi-level jokes the adults will love as well - The Short Show is a real winner at birthday parties (where the guest of honor gets to come onstage and star), libraries, pre-schools, Montessori schools, park districts... any place there are younger children in need of an interactive, silly fun time. (30 minutes)

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"Every age group was equally entertained... I received many compliments from parent helpers who praised your show for being age and content appropriate, funny and visually stimulating."

Staci Guido
PTO Chair, Monroe Elementary, Hinsdale, IL

How I get the children so involved

Audience participation has always been a fundamental part of my show. I involve my entire audience. Right from the start, I begin a playful dialogue with the children. The second trick I perform at most shows, an original routine called "Hold It, Magician," the children use silly magic words to accomplish a magical effect at which I've failed. Later in the show, they continue filling a pail with half dollars long after I've asked them to stop.

In other words, the interaction empowers the children. They don't have to come on stage to help out. They're performing magic from their seats, and they know they're actually doing it because they're doing it against my wishes. This is a big part of why kids have such a fun time at my shows.

What makes my shows so funny?

I start with the comedy and build the magical effects around that. Most magicians work the other way - they start with a magic trick, then try to add jokes.

But there are thousands and thousands of magic tricks. Iíve found the best way to entertain is to start with a silly, engaging premise, then work backwards to select or create a magical method that takes that premise to a funny, twisty ending.

The result is, the children (and the adults!) are engaged in the "story" of the routine, as well as the actual magic.

The day of your event

Your children are excited as soon as they wake up, and that excitement peaks when I arrive 30 minutes before showtime. I set up my huge magical backdrop - it gets up to 9 feet tall and 15 feet wide (but easily fits much smaller spaces as well). Once I finish preparing the rest of the show, I kid around with the children as they get seated to warm them up for the performance.

I launch into the show, but the real magic is what happens to the audience - the kids convulse with laughter, their jaws drop with wonder, and even your adult guests - who had planned to quietly converse in the back of the room - become fully immersed in the performance. After the show I twist a balloon animal for each child, which gives them all the chance to meet me. Once theyíve each received their requested balloons, I pack up - while your adult guests coolly try to ask me how I did the trick with the water. (Trust me. The water trick absolutely fries adults' brains at every show.)

"My son, whose birthday was today -- just the look of joy on his face was fabulous. Just genuinely so excited and having a great time."

Wendy Pesavento, Aurora
Ethan's mom

"Thanks again, Scott, for making Sarah's 7th Birthday Party a huge success! Sarah is still talking about floating in the air and wants to know how you did it!"

Staci Dolgin-Rubinstein, Libertyville
Sarah's mom

"It was amazing. It was entertaining. The kids were laughing the whole time -- engaged in the show."

Myanna Luh, Chicago
Katrine's mom

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