If you're worried about your child's party, I can help you make it amazing.

Fight the birthday party blahs

One call and you're the super mom who planned the best party of the year

Throw a party that stands out 

For everybody else it's the best magic show they've ever seen—but for your child it's a one-of-a-kind experience

Entertainment makes the party. Get the best show and have the best party.

Want your child to have the best party? Get the best show.

Laugh until you can't breathe

This is the show written and performed by an award-winning comedy writer.

Your child has so much fun

Get the camera ready. Your birthday child will star in part of the show, performing magic so amazing you'll swear it's real.


Even the parents have a blast

Too much birthday party entertainment is for the kids only. This is the only show that's built for all ages, so the adults have as much fun as their children.

Go to the theater, in your home

Get a theater quality magic show in your living room. We'll even set up freestanding theatrical curtains.

A 21st century magic show for 21st century kids

Make your child the star of their big day

Get the magic show centered around your child. Depending on the show, your child may:

Make an untouched piece of chalk write their name on a blackboard

Design a birthday present that impossibly appears in a gift box that's been in plain view

Tempt fate in a crazy trick with a half dozen eggs

Be suspended in midair

Produce coins from their friends' noses

Make an item appear from thin air—in their empty hands

Twist their own balloon animal, with magic


give them laughter, excitement, amazement, surprises and more fun than you thought a birthday party could be

Parents are thrilled


#1 on Yelp







Be the mom who threw the best party of the year. Magician Scott Green is recognized as one of the nation's premier family magicians. Because his show is so much fun for children—and so much fun for parents, too—he's a featured lecturer at magicians' conventions, a star of TV, a favorite at Hollywood's Magic Castle and the author of a bestselling book for magicians. Oh, and he's #1 on Yelp, with unanimous 5-star reviews from parents like you who wanted to throw an exceptional party.


A reformed attorney, Scott Green is a full-time family magician, the author of a best-selling book for magicians, a regular on Chicago TV and a sought-after speaker at magicians' conferences. Scott and his wife live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with their two young children.

Scott Green literally wrote the book on birthday party magic shows, Excellence in Family Magic. In addition to the hundreds of shows he performs every year, Scott is a sought-after lecturer on the magic circuit, teaching performers across the country how to improve their acts. He is a regular on Chicago TV and is a new favorite featured act at the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

A former attorney, Scott is also an award-winning comedy writer. He lives in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with his wife and two young children, who love watching Daddy's shows.


Scott Green and his wife live in Lincoln Square with their two young children, who love watching Daddy's shows. In addition to several hundred live performances a year, Scott is a regular on local TV. His book, Excellence in Family Magic, is revolutionizing children's magic for a new generation of performers. Before becoming a magician, Scott honed his deceptive skills as an attorney.




First, your child becomes the star of the show.

"Our daughter was THRILLED!"
—Kerri-Simone A., Evanston

"Scott made the birthday boy feel special... and made my son's 6th birthday, in his words, the best birthday party ever."
—Eileen S., Park Ridge

"My daughter can be shy... To our surprise, Scott had her involved in the show and laughing all along!"
—Katie M., Chicago


Second, the show is hysterically funny.

"Kids were literally rolling on the floor laughing."
—Jason D., Chicago

"I have never seen my boy laugh so hard."
—Maria E., Chicago

"All of the kids, and, well, the adults too, were laughing hysterically in an instant."
—Jennifer B., Chicago


Third, the adults have as much fun as the children.

"The parents were universally in stitches. It was fantastic."
—Andrew D., Chicago

"Scott had the adults laughing as hard as the kids!"
—Katie M., Highland Park

"Whenever I talk to friends about my daughter's party, they never fail to mention how great they thought the magician was. That's all Scott! Thanks Scott!"
—Sarah L., Wheeling


Fourth, the children are held in rapt attention—and stay behaved.

"Scott's humor and rapport with the kids was the best."
—Lainie C., Chicago

"It's not easy to keep the attention of  a dozen 9 year olds, but Scott had them laughing the entire time."
—David O., Aurora

"Elementary school-aged boys can be a handful, especially in large groups, but Scott managed them perfectly!"
—Melanie A., Frankfort


Fifth, Scott is a reliable professional you can trust.

"Scott is well-organized, prompt, and professional. I would not hesitate to hire him again."
—Sonja F., Chicago

"Extremely professional, very clear about setting expectations with us in advance, and highly communicative through email and phone. I wasn't worried one bit leading up to the party."
—Mary Ellen S., Chicago

"Professional, easy to work with, and delivered as advertised."
—Danny W., Chicago


And finally, the magic is incredible.

"Kids and adults alike were not just entertained, but completely captivated."
—Jennifer B., Chicago


"Scott was completely professional, flexible, pleasant, good to work with...AND he had 20 seven year olds held at attention for his entire performance!"
—Tony W., Chicago

"Scott handled rowdy 8 year olds very well.
The adults were impressed and enjoyed the show just as much as the kids."
—Christie D., Chicago

"Scott's magic show was the big activity of the party, and he was an absolute hit with both the kids and the other parents."
—Seema D., Chicago

"We hired The Great Scott as the entertainment for our son's 10th birthday party on Halloween night and it was a huge hit. I can't say enough about what a fantastic show he put on for an age group that can be really tough to entertain. They were glued to his show and were surprised and amazed again and again."
—Tricia L., Hinsdale

"I was planning to take care of some more preparations during the show but I found myself sitting with the other adults, watching the show and having as much fun as the kids.
Having an older  child, too we had other 5 or 6 magicians for kids entertaining over the years but Scott eclipsed by far all the others."
—Julian G., Darien

"Scott was so funny, so talented and just a complete joy to work with - so professional, emailing right back, courteous in person and on the phone - just A+ all around. All the parents were so impressed and the kids loved it. We are so glad we chose Scott for our son's birthday"
—Meg S., Wilmette


For ages 3-5

$395: 45-minute show

$495: 45-minute show followed by balloon twisting

$995: 60-minute show, balloon twisting, and the birthday child gets to keep selected props from the show

For ages 6-8

$395: 45-minute show

$495: 45-minute show including illusion where birthday child is suspended in midair

$995: 60-minute show including illusion, every child receives and learns a magic trick, and the birthday child gets to keep selected props from the show

For ages 9 and up

$395: 45-minute show

$495: 45-minute show including trick where birthday child designs their own present, which appears in a box that's been in plain sight

$995: 60-minute show including present trick, birthday child is sawed in half, and birthday child gets to keep selected props from the show

*$395 shows available within 10 miles of 60625 for audiences of 40 or fewer total people. Other restrictions may apply.