Scott Green is blowing up the traditional birthday magic show.


Good news—birthday party magicians are not all the same, and one of the best in the world is based in Chicago.

Yeah, we know the stereotypes about birthday party magic shows. Amateur magician in a sparkly vest, telling corny jokes and getting heckled by the kids. The adults feel a little embarrassed for the guy.

Scott Green's show is different. Very different. Why?

1. It's so, so funny. No stale jokes here. Scott's a national award-winning comedy writer.

2. Magic that will even fool the adults. No standard "kids magic" props. Every effect is simple enough for four-year-olds to understand, but amazing enough to baffle the grownups. 

3. Your child takes the stage. The birthday child joins Scott in performing magic—the older they are, the more they'll do. Imagine the smiles when your child is the star of their own birthday party.

4. It's just more fun. The birthday child has more fun. Your guests have more fun. You have more fun as the host. Even Scott has a ton of fun. It's contagious.

5. The magic world has taken notice. This is a better way to do birthday party magic shows. That's why Scott's book is a bestseller in the magic community, magicians across the globe have bought performance rights for Scott's original effects, and magic conventions clamor to have Scott come lecture and perform. 

Don't book any old magician. Bring a world-class magic show to your living room. Reach out today to make your child's birthday the best ever.



For Ages 3-5

From the show for 3-5 year olds

$395 40-minute interactive silly magic show

$750 60-minute interactive silly magic show with extra participation for the birthday child; and the birthday child gets keepsakes from the show as gifts

For Ages 6-8

From the show for 6-8 year olds

$495 45-minute comedy illusion show

$1195 60-minute ultimate comedy illusion show—includes levitation of birthday child and birthday child sawed in half (it's silly, not scary), and the birthday child gets keepsakes from the show as gifts

For Ages 9 and up

From the show for ages 9 and up
(courtesy Fox 5 DC)

$495 45-minute smart aleck show - for teens and pre-teens who think they're smarter than the adults in their lives, I'll fry their brains real good. And I'll make them like it

$1195 60-minute smart aleck show - includes birthday child sawed in half, and the birthday child gets keepsakes from the show as gifts

Add balloon twisting for up to 25 children ages 3 and up for $100

*Travel and audience size restrictions may apply.

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