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You deserve to know what you're getting. Nobody would hire a band without hearing some music—why hire a magician without seeing some magic? 

You'll love Scott for the same reason the Chicago networks do. He delivers strong magic and funny, surprising routines. Check out these TV appearances, live show performances and more.

As Seen On

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Take Your Kid To Work Day on ABC (3:44)

The Egg Trick on Fox 5 Washington, DC (4:33)

Celebrating Eight Patricks Day on WGN (2:23)


Magically personalized gifts on ABC (2:15)

The umbrella trick at the Magic Castle in Hollywood (4:42)

M&Ms and Harry Houdini on Fox (3:20)

How do audiences react to Scott's shows? (2:06)

Not-A-Snake (4:36)

Not quite Lucky Charms for Not Quite St. Patrick's Day on WGN (1:48)

Celebrating Houdini's birthday on WCIU (3:36)

Tricky the Rabbit, soon to be your kids' favorite thing ever (7:03)

Sticking his hand into a Shamrock Shake on Fox (2:25)

Scott's been known to appear on a game show (or two) in his day (1:23)

See more videos at YouTube.com/ScottGreenMagic