Hilarious... even parents will get sucked in.
— Red Tricycle Chicago
Scott Green is a very clever, funny performer... gloriously goofy!
— Genii Magazine

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FUN for the entire family


When your entertainment is great, your event is great. Magician Scott Green will amaze and captivate your guests.

Get the hysterical, interactive, all-ages magic show that's been seen at venues across the country, on TV, and at thousands of events like yours. 

Every piece of magic is simple enough for young children to follow, but engaging and incredible enough to thrill the adults.

The magic is original, so your guests will be surprised and amazed by stuff they’ve never seen before.

And it's funny. Legit, bust-a-gut funny. Scott is an award-winning comedy writer, and it shows.


Yes! That's why Scott is #1 on Yelp and the go-to magician for Chicago TV shows.

And it's the reason Scott's a national leader in his field. The author of an acclaimed book for magicians, he lectures at magic conferences and has sold performance rights around the world for his original effects.

Don't wait. Get started now. 

Dates book fast. Call (847) 361-0924, e-mail scott@thegreatscott.com or click here to fill out an information request form. Scott can't wait to make your event special.

Scott is smart, funny, practiced, and well-rehearsed in his craft of entertaining families.
— M-U-M (the Society of American Magicians)
Laughter and wonderment... fun and inclusive.
— The Wilmette Beacon
I heard from several parents their kids are still proclaiming that to be the best party ever.
— Kerry-Simone A., Evanston
An unforgettable experience.
— Jaime B., Oak Park



Different audiences have different needs. Don't settle for a performer with a one-size-fits-all approach. As part of the booking process, you’ll tell Scott all about your event and he’ll fit your show to your needs.


Scott makes the big day special. Your child will perform magic and (at some events) even star in a gravity-defying illusion. Add cake and you’ve got the perfect birthday party.


Scott will set you up with something perfect. He also offers themed shows, magical school assemblies, and magic for adult groups.


For Ages 3-5

You need a show that engages the children with silly humor and loads of interaction. Below is a routine Scott performs for this age group.

"Tricky the Rabbit" (7:03)

For Ages 6-9

You need a show that keeps the children on their toes. Below is a routine Scott performs for this age group.

"Not-A-Snake" (4:36)


For Ages 10 and Up

For these tough customers you need magic that's impossible to figure out and sharp humor that feels subversive (but isn't). Below is a routine Scott performs for this age group.

"The Impossible Bicycle" (6:04)

For Mixed-Age Audiences

You need magic simple enough for the little ones to follow but tricky enough to fool the adults, and comedy that plays to all. Below is a routine Scott performs for mixed-age groups.

"Steal This Umbrella" (4:54)

All of the kids and, well, the adults too, were laughing hysterically.
— Jennifer B., Chicago
Scott was easy to work with and most importantly he was a spectacular entertainer.
— Matt R., Chicago

Featured Videos

As Seen On


Celebrating Eight Patricks Day on WGN (2:23)

The egg trick on ABC (3:56)

The mustache ropes (2:52)

The mischievous magic wand (3:38)

M&Ms and Harry Houdini on Fox (3:20)

Magically personalized gifts on ABC (2:15)

How do audiences react to Scott's shows? (2:06)

Not quite Lucky Charms for Not Quite St. Patrick's Day on WGN (1:48)

Celebrating Houdini's birthday on WCIU (3:36)

Sticking his hand into a Shamrock Shake on Fox (2:25)

Scott's been known to appear on a game show (or two) in his day (1:23)

He’s an Irish devil!
— Pat Tomasulo, WGN
I’m flummoxed... that’s amazing!
— Richard Roeper, FOX

About Scott

Chicago-based magician Scott Green is “gloriously goofy” (Genii Magazine). Known nationally as an innovative performer and thinker—the official magazine of the Society of American Magicians raves he's "smart, funny, practiced, and well-rehearsed in his craft"—Scott performs hundreds of shows annually.

Because of Scott’s cross-generational appeal, he appears regularly on Chicago television and is a featured lecturer at magicians’ conventions. His book, Excellence in Family Magic, is in the magic libraries of some of the biggest names in magic. Magicians around the world (even including some in Chicago) have bought performance rights for Scott’s original routines.

In 2009 Scott earned a law degree from the University of Illinois and passed the Bar, but never practiced. That same year he was named one of the 100 best young writers in America for a weekly humor column that was syndicated to outlets including the Washington Post. 

Scott and his wife live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with their two young children, who love watching Daddy's shows. An avid game show fan, Scott has been a contestant on both "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and "The Price Is Right."


Scott performs a magic trick with his book on WGN (0:17)

Scott will give you memories that will last a lifetime.
— Mark S., Clarendon Hills
Scott saved the day and made the party a success.
— Cheryl S., Chicago


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