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The Great Scott is Chicago's best-rated magician

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— Meredith Vieira, NBC
That was unbelievable.
— Richard Roeper, FOX
Get out of town!
— Ana Belaval, WGN

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Make your event great.

Your guests will remember your entertainment. Don't you want them to have great memories?

The children will laugh so hard, they'll literally topple on their sides. The adults' jaws will drop - and stay dropped. It's a theatrical production, right there in your living room (or banquet hall, or festival stage, or anywhere).

That's why I'm Chicago's best-rated magician on Yelp. It's why my clients hire me year after year. They know they can count on me to deliver. You can count on me, too.

So let's get started. Call (847) 361-0924, e-mail or click here to fill out an information request form. I can't wait to help you throw a great event.

There's a show for you

From birthday parties to holiday banquets and Halloween shindigs, I've got something just perfect for your event. Click here to see what I offer.

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You've never seen live theater this interactive. The whole audience participates from start to finish, and my 45-minute birthday party show ends with the guest of honor suspended in midair. Click here to learn more.

The Great Scott on TV

Featured segment: Live St. Patrick's Day magic with Richard Roeper on "Good Day Chicago" (check out more TV appearances here)



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