"Hilarious... even parents will get sucked in."


Hi! I'm Scott. (That's me in the suit.) I'm going to make your event a success.

My performances are a delight even for people who see a lot of magic shows. I do highbrow, all-ages shows that combine original magic with fresh takes on classic effects. 

"The kids were rapt and the adults were laughing out loud."

- Lainie C., Chicago (via Yelp)

My shows are an absolute riot. I employ situational humor, so while my tricks are fantastic, my jokes may be even better. As one Yelper put it, “The tricks were fantastic, but his jokes were even better.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

"All of the kids and, well, the adults too, were laughing hysterically."


You can count on a great fit for your event. My show shrinks to fill living rooms, and grows (stage illusions and all) to fill auditoriums. I capture the attention and wonder of fidgety toddlers and know-it-all teenagers. Adults are so enthralled, they leave their cell phones in their pockets.


"Scott saved the day and made the party a success."


If you want the best magician, if you want a fantastic show that entertains adults as much as children, if you want something so good it will make your friends jealous, if you want to be a little selfish and get the show you want to watch yourself, you'd better get in touch with me right now.

Let's get started. Call (847) 361-0924, e-mail scott@thegreatscott.com or click here to fill out an information request form. I can't wait to help you throw a great event.

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"Laughter and wonderment... fun and inclusive."

- The Wilmette Beacon

The Better-Than-TV Magic Show

Not that there’s anything wrong with TV - I'm a regular on the local Chicago stations.

But you and your group will much prefer to be baffled in person as I make solid wood blocks pass through one another; instantly repair a shredded umbrella; nail a one-in-eight-million shot; levitate a child from the audience; and much, much more. It's nonstop magic and nonstop belly laughs for kids and adults alike.

This hysterical all-ages show is 45 minutes, and is the little black dress of magic shows - perfect for any audience, anytime. It shrinks to fit a living room with half a dozen children, and grows with big illusions to fill an auditorium or festival stage. (Ask about modifications made for pre-kindergarten audiences.)

The Birthday Party MAGIC Show

Like the Better-Than-TV Magic Show, with a key difference: the birthday child gets the VIP magic treatment for his or her special day.

Your child is onstage with me for a third of the performance, producing an egg from thin air, pulling coins from his or her friends' noses, and maybe even floating in midair. You and your child will both beam with pride. You won't believe the smiles you'll capture with your camera.

Packed with magic and laughter, this show is 30 minutes for pre-kindergarten groups and 45 minutes for everyone else. I customize the material based on age: as one Yelper said about her pre-teen son's party, "I can't say enough about what a fantastic show Scott put on for an age group that can be really tough to entertain."

Themed Magic Shows


A hysterical, interactive Halloween show. It's scary good, but not actually scary, so it's safe for the little ones. On request, a Trick-or-Treating safety message can be included. (45 minutes; for all ages)


This hilarious celebration of the season is non-denominational, so it's a safe bet for schools, libraries, and corporate family parties. (45 minutes; for all ages)


I use magic to teach students K-12 about reading, nutrition and the history of magic. For more information, please visit MagicInTheClassroom.com (link opens in new window).

Get started: call now (847) 361-0924, e-mail scott@thegreatscott.com, or fill out this contact form for availability and pricing

Scott on TV

"That was terrific! How the heck did you...?"

Pat Tomasulo, WGN

"That was unbelievable!"

Richard Roeper, FOX

"Get out of town!"

Ana Belaval, WGN

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About Scott Green

Magician Scott Green (hey, that’s me!) performs the world’s best family magic shows.

I performed my first show at age 14. In 2009 I earned my law degree and passed the Bar, but decided instead to become a professional magician. My parents have since forgiven me.

I was named one of the 100 best young writers in America in 2009, for humor columns I syndicated to outlets including the Washington Post. My comedy sensibilities and understanding of plot structure help make my magic shows compelling and funny for audience of all ages. 

In 2010 I married the girl who had once been my secret junior high crush. Michelle and I have a son, Harrison, born in 2013; and a daughter, Jordan, born in 2015. An avid game show fan, in 2012 I was a contestant on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?,” winning $56,600, and in 2016 I was on "The Price Is Right," winning a motor scooter, a desktop computer and a gaming table.



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