A Better Kind Of Birthday Magic Show


Hi, I'm Scott Green. Forget what you've seen from other magicians - my show really is different. Why?

It's a true all-ages show. No "kid tricks" here. Every bit of magic is simple enough for children to understand, yet compelling and tricky enough to slay the grownups.

Your guests will laugh until they can't breathe. If it seems like the show was written by a national award-winning comedy writer, it's because I am one. 

The real star is your birthday child. They'll perform a trick or two, rake in applause, and maybe even float in midair.

I'm the magician you want. I literally wrote the book on this - Excellence in Family Magic. You can hire me, or you can hire a magician who learned from me.

Get started now. Dates book fast. Rates start under $300. Call me directly at (847) 361-0924; e-mail me at scott@thegreatscott.com; or fill out the form and I'll be in touch, often within minutes.

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For Ages 3-5

$295 30-minute interactive silly magic show

For Ages 6-9

$295 40-minute interactive comedy magic show

$495 45-minute comedy illusion show - includes levitation of birthday child

$1195 60-minute ultimate comedy illusion show - includes levitation of birthday child and birthday child sawed in half

For Ages 10 and up

$495 45-minute smart ass show - for teens and pre-teens who think they're smarter than the adults in their lives, I'll fry their brains real good. And I'll make them like it

$995 60-minute smart ass show - includes birthday child sawed in half

Add balloon twisting to any show for $100

*Travel and audience size restrictions may apply.