Your audience is unique.

Junior high students need a different show than pre-schoolers, and a 1000-seat theater requires a different set of props than a living room. Don't settle for a performer with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Your show is AUTOMATICALLY customized.

As part of the booking process, you'll tell me all about your event. You'll get the perfect show to amaze your guests.

adults have a great time, too. 

I specialize in Family Magic, a discipline that entertains all ages. I even wrote the definitive book on the subject, Excellence in Family Magic.

birthday? throw the best party ever.

Planning a birthday? I make your child's special day legendary. Your child will perform magic and (at some events) even float in midair. Think of the smiles as your child revels in applause as the star of their own party.

Special requests? just ask.

Get in touch. I want to hear what you've got in mind. I bet I can set you up with something perfect. I also offer themed shows, magical school assemblies, and magic for adult groups.