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Celebrating Eight Patricks Day on WGN (2:23)

Not-A-Snake, one of my original routines (4:36)

The egg trick on ABC (3:56)

M&Ms and Harry Houdini on Fox (3:20)

The impossible bicycle (try not to scream) (6:04)

Magically personalized gifts on ABC (2:15)

Tricky the Rabbit, a puppet who even appeals to kids who thought they were too old for puppets (7:03)

Sharing my secrets on WCIU (2:19)

The mischievous magic wand (3:38)

Sticking my hand into a Shamrock Shake on Fox (2:25)

How do audiences react to my shows? (2:06)

Howard Goldfarb, the Irish mouse on WGN (1:41)

The mustache ropes (2:52)

I've been known to win on a game show or two in my day (4:22)